Turkey Government Scholarship 2024 (Step by Step Process)

Travel to Turkey for educational purposes. Fantastic update! Application materials for the Turkey Government Scholarship are now available. This article will provide you a thorough analysis of the scholarship programme, its benefits, and a step-by-step explanation on how to submit your application successfully. Grants from the Turkish government. Turkey Government.

For overseas students looking for financial assistance throughout their undergraduate, master’s, or PhD studies in Turkey during the 2024–2025 academic year, the Turkiye Burslari Scholarship offers an amazing opportunity. This fully funded scholarship package comes with a significant monthly stipend of up to 1600 TL, full tuition price coverage, the supply of return airfare, the advantages of health insurance, and housing aid.

Turkey grants scholarships to great foreign students from all over the world, allowing them to continue their studies in Turkey’s most prestigious institutions, in addition to providing top-notch education and a large reservoir of knowledge and expertise. Turkey Government.

The government offers excellent students the coveted Turkey Scholarships programme as a scholarship option. It provides the opportunity to enrol in either a full-time or temporary programme at famous Turkish institutions. Turkey Scholarships’ main goal is to establish a worldwide network of deserving people who are committed to strengthening international cooperation and advancing mutual understanding. Turkey Government.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD
  • Institution(s): Various Universities
  • Study in: Turkey
  • Deadline: January 10 – February 20, 2024

Courses Offered:

  • Biotechnology
  • Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Food Engineering
  • Math
  • Medicine

The Turkish government offers scholarships to overseas students all around the globe. These scholarships are available at all academic levels, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, and cover a wide range of subject areas. With a wide range of 1325 programmes, interested people may readily discover alternatives that work for their academic goals. Turkey Government.

Program Period:

It depends on the program.

  • 4 Years for bachelor + 1 Year Turkish language preparation year.
  • Master’s: 1 year Turkish Language course + 2 year
  • PhD: 1 year Turkish Language course + 4 years
  • Check scholarship’s  timeline from Here

Scholarship Coverage

The following benefits are provided to the winner of the Turkey Government Scholarship:

  • University and program placement
  • Tuition Fee
  • Return Flight Ticket
  • Health Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • One year Turkish Language Course
  • Monthly Stipend:
    • Undergraduate: 1000 TL per month
    • Master’s: 1400 TL per month
    • PhD: 1800 TL per month

Eligibility Criteria for Turkey Government Scholarship

For the Turkey Government Scholarship to be considered, you must meet the requirements listed below:

  • Turkish or English must be used.
  • All nations in the world are eligible.
  • minimal academic standards
  • Candidates seeking a Bachelor’s degree must have at least a 70 overall grade point average.
  • A minimum academic score of 75 is required for candidates pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees.
  • For candidates to Health Science (Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy) programmes, a minimum GPA of 90 is required.
  • Age requirements
  • For undergraduate programmes, you must be younger than 21.
  • should be younger than 30 to enrol in master’s programmes
  • One must be under 35 to enrol in doctoral programmes.
  • Groups that qualify:
  • People from all nations
  • those who have finished their education or are qualified to do so by the end of the current academic year (before August 2022).
  • academics and researchers
  • Unqualified Groups:
  • Turkish nationals as well as individuals who no longer have Turkish citizenship
  • students who have already gone through the required steps to register at Turkish institutions for the particular level of study they are looking for admission to.
  • Other Conditions
  • It is necessary to get a TOEFL or IELTS certification if you want to study English at a university. This widely accepted test demonstrates your ability and guarantees your eligibility for enrolment in academic courses taught in English.
  • A thorough academic portfolio exhibiting your official diplomas, completed coursework, and grades earned along your scholastic route is strongly advised.
  • You must send a statement outlining your motivations for wanting to take part in this scholarship programme. Your application may be turned down if your Statement of Purpose needs to be improved or is missing critical information.
  • Those without any health issues are urged to apply.
  • During the application process, it is crucial to make sure that all extra requirements for short-term scholarship programmes are carefully examined.

How to Apply for Turkey Government Scholarship?

Please follow the detailed procedures below to apply for a Turkey Government Scholarship:

(1) Use this link to register for the scholarship on the website.

  • Through www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr, an individual application is the sole method to apply for the scholarship.
  • No organisations or individuals are permitted to submit applications for Turkiye Scholarships.
  • Candidates are strongly advised to carefully read the guidelines and cautions included in the application system.
  • The needed papers must be uploaded to the application system by the applicants.
  • Applications sent physically, via mail, or by courier services won’t be taken into account.
  • Applications are available without cost.
  • Turkiye Scholarships provide an all-inclusive package that combines financial aid with a promise of admission to a certain institution. Candidates would be assigned to one of their 12 options after picking their favourite colleges and programmes in the application procedure, offering a customised educational experience. 

(2) Complete the online application by uploading the required files.

(3) The following papers must be submitted by all applicants throughout the online application procedure.

  • It is necessary to have either a current passport or a current national identification document.
  • The image you submit into the application system must be a distinct and recognisable representation of you as a candidate. If you don’t, it can affect how your application is evaluated.
  • Candidates who lack any foreign credentials or certifications must take the national test in order to get their results.
  • Academic standing or preliminary evidence of accomplishment
  • The examination of your application will suffer if you provide uncertified academic transcripts or screenshots from the internet.
  • It may be essential to submit results from international exams (such the GRE, GMAT, DELF, YDS, Y S, etc.) to be admitted to the selected institution and programme.
  • If the chosen institution and programme need language test results, these must be given.
  • Only those seeking a PhD are expected to send in a research proposal as well as an example of their writing.

Please go here for more information about T rkiye Scholarships and the application process.


We urge you to peruse the official website to learn more about the Turkey Government Scholarship.

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