Italian Government Scholarship 2024 (Application Process)

Your academic adventure should begin in Italy! You may expect exciting developments now that applications are being accepted for the Italian Government Scholarship for 2022. This post will provide you a thorough analysis of this prestigious scholarship, stressing its benefits and delivering a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply. Don’t pass up the chance to win a scholarship from the Italian government! Italian Government.

For the academic year 2024-2025, applications are currently being accepted for the fully funded Italian Government Scholarship. With the help of this scholarship, overseas students may enrol in master’s or doctoral programmes at respected institutions in Italy. Successful applicants will receive a 900 euro monthly stipend in addition to full tuition and health insurance coverage. Government of Italy Scholarship.

The major objectives of MAECI are to promote scientific and technological cooperation, as well as to advance international cultural interaction and increase knowledge of Italian language and culture.

Additionally, MAECI is dedicated to advancing the Italian economic system internationally in accordance with the rules set down in Law 288 55 and its ensuing amendments. Scholarships are easily accessible for those who want to pursue educational possibilities in approved Italian higher education institutions, regardless of whether they are public or private, to support these initiatives. The Italian Government Scholarship is the organisation that offers these awards.

With a total of 61 public institutions, 30 private universities, and 11 public research organisations, Italy provides a broad variety of educational options. 339 English-taught classes, cutting-edge university programmes, and Centres for Higher Artistic Education round up this diversified academic environment. Consequently, you have the opportunity to broaden your perspectives while studying abroad in Italy.

Scholarship Description

  • Level of Study: Masters/PhD
  • Institution(s): Italian Higher Education Institutes
  • Study in: Italy
  • Course Options: Any programme given by colleges accredited by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR) is open to applicants. However, it is advised that candidates physically contact their prospective institution to inquire about the availability of their desired course.
  • The scholarship programme provides three, six, or nine months as the options for course lengths, giving participants a choice.
  • Deadline: June 9, 2023

Scholarship Coverage

The following advantages are provided to the winner through the Italian Government Scholarship:

Health and Medical Insurance

Grantees will have access to a health and medical accident insurance plan for the term of the grant thanks to agreements established by MAECI. It should be made clear that this insurance does not cover accidents brought on by underlying health or mental problems.

Tuition Fees

Whether Grantees qualify for a waiver of enrollment and tuition fees depends on the specific regulations of the University. The payment of registration fees is still necessary for courses in Italian language and culture, therefore it’s crucial to remember that this waiver does not apply to them.

Financial Grant

The grantees will receive a 900 Euro payment every three months, which will serve as their monthly stipend, into their Italian bank accounts.

Eligibility Criteria for Italian Government Scholarship

A 900 Euro monthly stipend will be paid to the grantees’ Italian bank accounts on a quarterly basis.

  • English is a required language.
  • Students from qualified international nations are eligible.
  • Only international students who do not reside in Italy are eligible to apply.
  • With the exception of those who are reapplying, candidates for the AFAM Programmes Italian Language and Culture Courses for a Master’s Degree in Arts, Music, and Dance must not be older than 28 by the application deadline.
  • Unless they are renewing their applications, PhD applicants must be younger than 30 at the time of the application deadline.
  • Italian language fluency is not required for English-taught courses.
  • Except for those who are renewing their applications, all applicants for PhD programmes must be younger than 30 at the time of the application deadline.
  • Those who want to enrol in an Italian AFAM Institute must fulfil the admission criteria and academic standards established by the affiliated University Institute.
  • To be taken into consideration for admission to an Italian AFAM Institute, applicants must fulfil the entrance criteria and academic standards established by the University Institute. Candidates who are interested in Italian language and culture courses must also provide a certificate attesting to their language skills. According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), A2 is the lowest level that may be used.
  • An Italian Master’s Degree programme requires candidates to possess a Bachelor’s degree from their home country in order to be eligible to register in the first year. Individuals seeking admission into the next year must provide documentation proving they have fulfilled the requirements and specifications indicated in their first-year curriculum.
  • Candidates must have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in their home country to be admitted to the first year of an Italian Master’s degree programme. Those requesting admission into the next year must demonstrate that they have met the requirements and expectations set during their first year of study.

How to Apply for Italian Government Scholarship?

To receive the Italian Government Scholarship, it is crucial that you follow the application guidelines listed below.

(1) Just click the offered link to create an account on this website.

(2)  complete the online application.

(3) The following paperwork is necessary

  • CV.
  • Score declaration.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Admission from the university in Italy.
  • A letter of no more than 1000 words.


We firmly advise you to look into the details and obtain a deeper understanding of the Italian Government Scholarship by visiting the official website.

Official Website

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