Government of Cuba: HEC. The Government of Cuba is granting a distinguished undergraduate scholarship in the area of medicine (MBBS) specifically for Pakistani citizens, according to recent news from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Islamabad. For consideration, candidates must have received a minimum of 70 marks in the FSc pre-Medical test or an equivalent, as well as a minimum of 60 marks in the matriculation examinations. This scholarship is available for the academic years 2023–2024.

For submitting applications for the Cuban Government scholarship, visit the HEC website. Interested parties must submit their applications by August 31, 2023. This all-inclusive scholarship package includes tuition, room & board, hostel lodging, and a monthly allowance of 100 Cuban pesos. Additionally, the scholarship recipient will get a one-time payment of Rs 300,000 upon arrival in Cuba; however, in order to collect this grant, they must have a functioning bank account in Pakistan. Government of Cuba: HEC.

HEC Cuban Government Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • an F.Sc. grade of at least 70 is necessary. A level (Pre-Medical) and an O level SSC Matric score of 60 or better are prerequisites.
  • Candidates who are awaiting results are not permitted to apply since HEC requires a final score to determine merit.
  • Candidates must be residents of AJK in Pakistan and be between the ages of 18 and 25 as of the application deadline.
  • A valid USAT-M test score, achieved after January 2022, is required of applicants.
  • The results of the USAT exam serve as the criterion for nominations.
  • The USAT-M Score will be the lone factor considered in the selection process after passing the minimum qualifying requirements. The Education Testing Council website has extra information for applicants lacking a valid USAT-M exam result.)

The Government of Cuba Scholarship covers:

  • tuition, hostel lodging, and toiletries
  • Food (as permitted under Cuban law)
  • A monthly stipend of 100 Cuban Pesos will be provided as a contribution towards living costs.

Other costs, such as round-trip airfare, halal food purchases, medical insurance (for illnesses or other reasons), and visa fees, must be covered by the student guardian. The scholarship applicant will still get a single stipend of Rs 300,000 after they have left for Cuba. The scholar must have an active Pakistani bank account.

Please be aware that since the Cuban government is paying for this scholarship, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan will never be held accountable for any further financial obligations.

Steps to apply for the HEC Cuban Government MBBS Scholarship online:

Visit the HEC website at https: scholarships.hec.gov.pk and login to submit an application. Select Learning Opportunities Abroad after registering and completing your profile. Before the HEC online application portal shuts on September 12, 2022, at 4:00 PM, be sure you print a copy of your completed application and sign it.

By August 31, 2023, applications must be filed online using the HEC e-portal.

In case of shortlisting:

Only those candidates who are shortlisted need to provide the following documents on the online application form. At this time, hard copies are not required.

  • The fully signed HEC application form has been submitted using an online application site.
  • It is necessary to have either the O-Level Certificate (Science Group) with IBCC equivalency or the SSC Certificate DMC Degree with IBCC attestation.
  • a DMC degree with IBCC certification earned after finishing the F.Sc. programme, or an A-Level certificate in pre-medicine with IBCC-approved equivalency.
  • By NADRA, a birth certificate is issued.
  • CNIC copy from the parent or guardian.
  • No certificate of a criminal history. (Original)
  • a copy of a passport with a minimum 6-month expiration date.
  • A medical certificate with a report on HIV/AIDS was provided by the District Head Quarter Government Hospital’s medical superintendent and afterwards confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

Note: Unless otherwise instructed, only candidates who have been shortlisted must submit the aforementioned paperwork to HEC. Please make sure these papers are prepared.



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