Benazir Scholarship 2023

Benazir Scholarship. Overcoming poverty can be achieved through pursuing education beyond intermediate level. Nevertheless, access to higher education is not equitably distributed. To illustrate, only 0.4 of children from the lowest income quintile are currently enrolled in higher education institutions, a figure that falls well below the national average of 10 . The provision of undergraduate scholarships aims to address this uneven access and promote equality in educational opportunities.

The National Human Development Report 2017 states that Pakistan is among the most youthful nations globally. Acknowledging this demographic truth, with a population of approximately 220 million, over half of whom fall within the university age group, the Government of Pakistan has prioritized implementing initiatives that aim to grant access to education for financially deserving individuals while also promoting gender equality. The overarching strategy is to establish pathways for a significant portion of the youth population to pursue higher education and ensure equal educational opportunities for everyone.

Benazir Scholarship For ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA

Scholarships are offered for:

  • Recently accepted candidates for the Fall 2021 session at a public sector university accredited by HEC.
  • Students who meet the necessary criteria and provide genuine information as outlined in the Project’s policy. Benazir Scholarship.
  • Only students who meet the admission criteria of their chosen institution are granted admissions based on merit.
  • HEC permits a variety of degree programs.
  • The HEC grants approval for a range of academic programs leading to degrees.

Ineligibility Conditions:

If a student is discovered, they will not be eligible for the scholarship.

  1. Using any more grants or scholarships 
  2. enrolled in public or private institutions linked with distance learning programmes
  3. Securing admission to evening programmes with higher price structures or on a basis of self-support, self-finance, or self-sustainment
  4. The Ehsaas Scholarship is not available to students enrolled in two-year post-higher secondary or similar courses, two-year associate degree programmes, master’s degrees, or programmes known as BA/BSc.
  5. The fifth semester of a lateral undergraduate degree programme is likewise ineligible for students with associate degrees who have just begun their enrollment. Benazir Scholarship.


Once the online application form for the Undergraduate Scholarship Project has been submitted, the applicant must print out the form and include the following supporting documents:

Sr.noSupporting Documents
1Copy of applicant CNIC / B. Form
2Copy of CNIC (Father, Mother/ Guardian)
3Salary Slip / Income Certificate (Father/Guardian, Mother)
4If the father’s occupation involves working as a labourer with daily wages, being a shopkeeper, or having a private job, it is mandatory to submit an undertaking in the form of an Income Certificate on a stamp paper valued at Rs. 50.
5Copies of last Six Month Utility Bills (Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Water) – (If applicable)
6Copy of Rent agreement in case of Rented House
7Copies of Last Fee Receipts of Applicant and Siblings (If applicable)
8Copies of Medical bills/ expenditure related documents (if applicable)
901 Passport size Photograph of Applicant
1001 Picture of House from outside Front

Important Note: The only place where the hard copy of the application form and supporting documents can be submitted is to the Student Financial Aid Office of the university.


  • Every student must complete the application process through the online system at https: and ENSURE that the application form is SUBMITTED. Applications that are saved but not submitted will not be considered. Benazir Scholarship.
  • To meet the application deadline, applicants must submit physical copies of the completed application form and the necessary supporting documents to the financial aid office of the university. The website provides a detailed list of the required documents.
  • The university’s Scrutiny Committee will evaluate the applications of all candidates who meet the eligibility criteria and have provided the required information, including proof of family income, assets, past academic record, and age (if applicable), in order to create a shortlist.
  • Applications that are missing any information on the form will be automatically disqualified.
  • The universities’ Institutional Scholarship Award Committee will conduct interviews to evaluate and recommend potential applicants for the scholarship award.
  • Recipients of the scholarship will be required to sign a legal agreement on official stamp paper.
  • The university’s Financial Aid Office will be responsible for issuing the official letter announcing the final scholarship award. Benazir Scholarship.
  • The scholarship cannot be transferred to another academic program or session at any other university.
  • The scholarship is restricted and cannot be moved to a different academic session or program at any other university.

Note: It is strongly recommended that students complete the online application form with utmost care and submit genuine documentary evidence of their household income and expenses for evaluation by the scholarship award committee. In the event that it is discovered at any point during their degree program that a scholarship recipient has provided false information, altered or falsified their application form or income certificate in order to obtain the scholarship, the university will be held accountable for taking severe disciplinary measures as outlined in the regulations, which may involve reimbursement of all scholarship funds.


The Program includes funds for the following expenses:

  1. Tuition fee for the semester will be charged based on the actual amount.
  2. Rs.40,000/- per annum​

List of Universities

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